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Bill Gates Takes Action, Dismisses Staff Over Generative AI Copilot

Bill Gates Takes Action, Dismisses Staff Over Generative AI Copilot

Today marks the start of a new era in international development. In a stunning move, Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, laid off the entire Gates Foundation staff and replaced them with Copilot, the generative AI solution from Microsoft.

In a computer generated letter sent to staff, he is quoted as saying:

I’m excited about the impact that AI will have on issues that the Gates Foundation works on. Any new technology that’s so disruptive is bound to make people uneasy, and that’s certainly true with artificial intelligence. Company-wide agents will empower employees in new ways. Microsoft describes this as having a copilot. Fully incorporated into products like Office, AI will enhance your work.

Replacing Foundation Staff with Copilot

Bill Gates is reported to have acknowledged that current generative AI solutions are biased, but no less biased than the human staff he employed in the Foundation. And unlike humans, GenAI doesn’t ask for vacations, doesn’t ask for a raise, and doesn’t ask about your friends.

Bill Gates is very positive about the impact GenAI will have on philanthropy in 2024, previously saying:

In a world with limited resources, you have to find ways to maximize impact. Innovation is the key to getting the most out of every dollar spent. Artificial intelligence is about to accelerate the rate of new discoveries at a pace we’ve never seen before. And it’s clearer than ever how AI can be used to improve access to education, mental health, and more.

He also thought that the $870 million that the Gates Foundation spends on staff every year to be wasteful, when Microsoft Copilot, the world’s first AI-powered answer engine, has specific answers to complex questions like:

Impact on the Donor Ecosystem

Other major donors were shocked by the Gates Foundation move to replace all staff with AI solutions. They acknowledged that it is very hard to hire staff with AI skills, even government regulators tasked with managing AI innovations often cannot afford to hire the staff tasked with creating AI regulations.

However, as one staff member quipped, “Sacking staff is not a responsible use of AI.”

Contrasting with Bill Gates’ actions, the White House has issued an Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence that specifically requires the US government to develop a AI and Technology Talent Task Force that will accelerate and track the hiring of AI and AI-enabling talent across the Federal Government.

In fact, USAID already has an Artificial Intelligence Initiative that includes Apple, Amazon, and Google. USAID is also hiring a Chief Data Officer as part of a Government-wide AI talent surge to accelerate the placement of key AI and AI-enabling talent in high-priority areas and to advance agencies’ data and technology strategies.

Benefits for Departing Foundation Staff

Gates Foundation staff were seen wandering aimlessly around their expansive campus this morning, still surprised by their sudden sacking. Once they accept the change, they will be given an assortment of career counseling services to find their next job, including:

  • Microsoft Copilot: This AI tool uses advanced technologies to provide guidelines and frameworks for job searching, like adding strong action words to resumes.
  • RightJoin: An AI-driven mock interviewing platform that allows you to practice interviews with an AI Hiring Manager with feedback on body language and vocal tonality.
  • LinkedIn Premium: A powerful networking tool that can help you find job opportunities, connect with industry professionals, and showcase your professional experience using AI.




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