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Introducing Queen Mother Mrs.Marian Quayson-Odonkor: A Beacon of Compassion and Generosity in Ghana

Introducing Queen Mother Mrs.Marian Quayson-Odonkor: A Beacon of Compassion and Generosity in Ghana

Her Majesty, Ms. Marian Quayson-Odonkor also known as Mama Yewulor IV of Volo, is a revered figure in Ghanaian tradition. As a queen mother, she holds a special place in the hearts of her people, embodying grace, wisdom and kindness.

Today, Mama Yewulor IV comes to you with a noble cause. In the wake of a devastating flood that struck her homeland and neighbouring towns, she is determined to make a difference in the lives of the people living with disabilities who have been affected.

She believes that every person, regardless of their disabilities, deserves care, attention and support. With dreams and aspirations of their own, the community of people living with disabilities in Ghana needs our help and assistance.

Join Mama in her mission to provide aid and donation to those in need. Let us come together as a community to uplift and empower the individuals who are facing challenges in the aftermath of the flood. Your support and generosity will make a significant impact in their lives.

Together, let us extend a helping hand to those who need it the most. Stand with Mama and be a part of this worthy cause. Your contribution will bring hope, comfort and a brighter future to those in need. Let us make a difference, one donation at a time.

Here’s an exclusive interview between Bradley Barley and Mama Yewulor IV of Volo

Who are you ? Mama Yewulor IV of Volo

Bradley Barley: What motivated you to make this donation?

Mama Yewulor IV of Volo: Naturally, I like to help people. After the serious flood that occurred not long ago, I happened to be sent some images of the affected areas. The pictures and videos I got were terrible. I saw people living with disabilities and Cerebral palsy people struggling. I felt very bad and wanted to do something, especially for them and mothers with little children that were also affected.

It has put me on a busy schedule since I arrived back in Ghana. I decided to reach out to some friends to support this cause, some working colleagues and the Choir I’m in(Germany) gave support and I’m grateful they contributed. Thinking of the progress made so far, gives me hope that the people living with disabilities etc. that were affected by the flood will benefit from this project. This is me giving back with the help of people who share the same passion that I have to people that are in need.

Bradley Barley: Can you tell us about the organization or cause you’re supporting?

Mama Yewulor IV of Volo : The organization is taking form with a team of professionals both in Germany and in Ghana that have the same ego to help, especially people living with disabilities. This is me being moved and touched anytime I see something that makes me so compassionate.

Bradley Barley: How do you hope your donation will make a difference?

Mama Yewulor IV of Volo: My Donation will make a big difference in Ghana and it will send a message to people that are seeing this to be more compassionate towards people with special needs. The donations like wheelchairs, walking aids and Zimmer frame, will make it possible for the people living with disabilities that were affected by the flood to move around and make them active in the society they live in.

Bradley Barley: What do you hope others will learn or take away from your story?

Mama Yewulor IV of Volo: I think people will consider the bigger picture. People living with disabilities will be taking into consideration and not be left out when tragic things happen in our society. Not only people living with disabilities but pregnant and children who needed assistance. I’m hoping this move will touch many Ghanaians to support people who need help. Some vulnerable people were forgotten during the flood incident and so this will show the public to show some support. A young lady called Yayra touched my heart and that triggered this cause and to support in the best way I can. I’ll be relieved to know that I’ve been able to do this.

Bradley Barley: Are there any specific goals or outcomes you’re hoping to achieve through your donation?

Mama Yewulor IV of Volo : I’m looking forward to getting more support locally and internationally and as Queen Mother from Volo ,it’s my duty to support and help the people. I’ll be glad and I hope corporate bodies and everyone will come to my aid to make this project be a successful one. I Hope to do it yearly.

Ms. Marian Quayson-Odonkor is a kind-hearted woman hoping to get support from Ghanaians and all humanitarians alike. The Donation will take place starting Friday 17 May at Sogakope and Saturday 18 May at Volo. Join a worthy cause.

A special Shoutout to:

  1. Kolping family
  2. St. Hubertus- Church choir Brück
  3. Friends and colleagues (Miltenyi Biotec)
  4. St. Dominikus Institut
  5. Frank C.
  6. Daniela V.
  7. Brigitte B.
  8. Yvonne D.
  9. Heike A.
  10. Carolin K.

You can e-mail: mamagaqodonkor@gmail.com

You can also send donations via mobile money: +233 53 402 1711 (Marian Quayson-Odonkor

Call contact:+49 163 1873932


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