6 important and critical things to do before purchasing land in Accra

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Owning a property like a land in Ghana, especially Accra is not an easy exercise for one to undertake. To go down that lane, one must be ready financially, emotionally and physically.

There are a number of important factors one should consider before handing over your money to any land owner in this Accra.

Due to the uncertainty in land ownership system in Ghana acquiring a land which is clean, free from litigation and other stresses, can be very daunting.

It is critical to therefore, check a number of things before making payment for a piece of land in Ghana, especially, Accra.

A real estate lawyer can be of great assistance in carrying out some of these checks, but its also imperative that as a prospective buyer you do some personal due diligence to avoid the risk of a fraudulent transaction.

Below are 6 important and critical checks every prospective buyer must undertake before buying a land in Accra.

  1. Identity and credibility of seller

Before the word go, you must verify the identity of seller to ensure you are dealing with the right person. You can do so by inspecting the personal ID of the seller and making copies. The ID must also a nationally recognised one.

  1. Check legal documents of the land

The next step is to check that the land has all relevant legal documents. These will include, Indenture or lease agreement, a land tile certificate, etc.

  1. Search at the Land Commission

After securing the legal documents of the land from the seller, the next step is to conduct searches of the land at the Lands Commission in Ghana. Lands commission is relevant department in Ghana that undertakes registration of land transactions in Ghana. A search at the Lands Commission will provide details of the land and the information provided should correspond with the documents or details provided to you by the seller.

  1. Search at Collateral Registry

It is also very important that you conduct a search at the Collateral Registry. This will inform the prospective buyer if the land has been used for collateral purposes, like a loan transaction.

  1. Search at the court 

A search at the court will inform you if there is any pending litigation on the piece of land. Its also critical to satisfy yourself that the land is not a subject of any form of litigation.

  1. Checks at the location of the land

Finally, it is also very important searches are conducted on the grounds, that is the neighbourhood where the land is located. Go to the location of the land and ask questions who the owner of the land is and also assess the property and the environs.

Make sure all the above checks are made and you satisfy yourself before you pay for that land you want to buy badly in Accra.


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