According to Bill Gates, people with these 3 skills will be highly successful in the future

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The co-founder of Microsoft is well known for his innovation in the industry and eye into the future. From the Tech predictions Bill Gates made in 1999 that came true today, the world’s richest man talks about skills that could make you successful in the future job market.

Bill Gates is a profound reader and invests in philanthropic activities worldwide. According to his research and the data collected, Gates says that people with three backgrounds are destined to be successful in the future. The highly in demand there skills are science, engineering and economics.

I do think of basic knowledge of the sciences, math skills, economics — a lot of careers in the future will be very demanding on those things

It is not necessarily that you’ll be writing code, but you need to understand what can engineers do and what can they not do

These three skills are highly likely to revolutionize the industry in the future and people with these skills can be highly successful.


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