Are you ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

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As an optimist, I am tempted to say yes, we are…but in reality…

Or more precisely, are we ready for the fourth industrial revolution? As an optimist, I am tempted to say yes, we are…but in reality, there are still a few steps to take. Indeed, to be fully prepared to welcome this natural evolution of our society, some adjustments are necessary. To create value thanks to new technologies, to obtain a harmonious whole, a certain form of questioning is necessary.

In a technological context that is evolving at extraordinary speed, we mut learn to live, to train ourselves differently, to work using large amounts of data. However, Rome was not built in a day. And if the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated things, these changes require time, patience and a methodology adapted to everyone’s expectations and needs.

When is the fourth industrial revolution?

Do I need to tell you that we are already in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution? It is enough to observe around us to realize that technologies are everywhere. They are the DNA of the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). The very existence of all these sectors changes the way people live and work, it transforms our jobs and drives the globalization of skills.

Will robots take the place of humans?

The increasingly constant and strong presence of technologies often leads one to believe that human know-how is losing its relevance. Are we going to end up being replaced by artificial creations, impalpable intelligences, capable of reasoning and making decisions with complete independence (and impunity)? Moreover, at the beginning of June 2022, we could read in the media that a Google engineer had unveiled the ability to reason and have feelings of Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) LaDMA project.

This fourth industrial revolution must, in my opinion, be considered as a second chance. Why and for who ? Taken in hand with responsibility, discernment, ethics, the rational use of technologies can allow man to evolve in a context more in line with his expectations.

A thousand leagues from injunctions to productivity, to success at any price, to dehumanization in the name of the company, this new industrial revolution is still young enough to be malleable. Like modeling clay, it can offer today’s talents everything that the visionaries of the previous generation dreamed of: empathy, creativity, real teamwork, critical thinking, the ability adaptation, openness to criticism, problem solving, etc., the famous soft skills. To which are added advanced technical skills (hard skills) and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Resilience and adaptation to evolve with technologies

This triptych composed of soft skills, hard skills and entrepreneurship represent, in my opinion, the key to turn now. When it is combined thanks to the skills of each, it will not allow to evolve on the margins, but in harmony with new technologies.

A necessity, if we rely on the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs 2020” report, according to which the double impact of automation and Covid-19 will most certainly cause the displacement of 85 million jobs from ‘by 2025…in less than 3 years from now.

Globalized, improved and renewed skills

What are the jobs of tomorrow? Data analysts and scientists, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) specialists, digital marketers, internet of things (IoT) experts, cybersecurity specialists… Today’s workforce must accept, take the time, give themselves and receive the means to train and improve their skills, whether in the countries of the North or the South, you have to know how to evolve, question yourself and think about the future of work.

However, she cannot always embark on such a path alone. For this, it must be able to obtain the support of those involved in education, training and skills development. Because who better than the latter to pool their own skills in order to find solutions and innovate in favor of jobs doomed to disappear?

Together, they can support today’s talents in understanding and including technology in their future jobs.

My name is Nicolas Goldstein, a pan Africanist and entrepreneur leading the 1st social bridging platform Talenteum Africa.

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