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Bradley Barley’s Exclusive Bottle Signing at Jo-Anne’s Cafe: A Summer to Remember!

Bradley Barley’s Exclusive Bottle Signing at Jo-Anne’s Cafe: A Summer to Remember!

Jo-Anne’s Cafe was transformed into a hub of excitement as Bradley Barley, the renowned hospitality expert, launched his signature drink, inspired by Sahara Solace. The exclusive event drew a packed crowd of fans, friends, and industry professionals, all eager to experience the magic of this collaboration.

(L-R) Pearl Naheema Hanson ,Bradley Barley at Sahara Solace Butterscotch Liqueur “Bottle Signing” at Jo-Anne’s Cafe at Afrikiko Leisure Center on June 29,2024 in Accra,Ghana (Photo by Ezekiel West /Edqlics)

As guests arrived, they were treated to a warm welcome and a sample of Ghana’s famous Butterscotch liqueur , expertly mixed into a refreshing cocktail ‘Sahara Ginja’ The atmosphere was electric, with music and conversation flowing freely.

Bradley Barley made a stylish entrance, dressed in a striking green and purple shirt, paired with cream-colored trousers and leather slippers. The socialite added a tennis bracelet for an extra touch of style. His Loewe glasses added a touch of sophistication, while his clean haircut and sparkling earring (which caught the light perfectly) completed his sleek look. He had his security team with him throughout the event, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

As the event unfolded, guests were treated to a sneak peek of Bradley’s signature drink, expertly crafted to showcase the unique flavors of Sahara Solace. The room buzzed with anticipation as Bradley personally autographed bottles for attendees that bought a bottle during the bottle signing event.

“I’m honored to be the Global Ambassador for Sahara Solace, and I’m excited to share this exclusive drinks with my fans and Jo-Anne’s Cafe’s customers. The beverages are designed to disrupt the status quo and appeal to those who embrace their individuality and crave a unique experience. This collaboration is a celebration of our shared passion for excellence and creativity”. Bradley said in a statement.

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The drinks, inspired by Sahara Solace’s smooth and velvety texture, promises to be a refreshing treat for customers. With Bradley’s passion for music and entertainment, and Sahara Solace’s excellence in liqueurs, this collaboration is a match made in heaven!

Sahara Solace x Jo-Anne’s Cafe Menu card

Bradley Barley is embracing his bad boy side to build a loyal community of thrill-seekers. Get ready to live life on the edge with his limited-edition drinks, Dirty Cowboy (GHC 70) and Sahara Ginja (GHC 80).

Scan the QR code in-store to try them now!

Each guest was treated nicely thanks to Joanne’s Cafe staff which made the bottle signing an unforgettable program. The event was a testament to Bradley’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the hospitality industry. His signature drink featuring Sahara Solace Butterscotch Liqueur is a must-try.

It was truly a summer to remember, with great company, refreshing drinks, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

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