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Cervical cancer not exclusive to promiscuous women – Gynaecologist

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The widely held view that promiscuous women are more susceptible to cervical cancer has been described as untrue.

According to renowned British-based Ghanaian gynaecologist Dr.Theodora Pepera women who stay faithful to their partners face the same risk of contracting the disease.

She was speaking with JoyNews at the National Cervical Cancer forum organised on Friday under the auspices of the wife of the Vice President, Samira Bawumia.

Cervical cancer is caused by sexually acquired infection with certain types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The disease is the second leading medical cause of death for Ghanaian women as 3,000 people are diagnosed annually. Two-third of the diagnosed representing about 2,000 die tragically.

Many believe the best of lifestyle habits in keeping single partners reduces the risk of contracting the disease.

But Dr. Pepera disagrees with the assertions that promiscuity is the major cause.

The gynaecologist was of the view that, “anybody who has had sexual contact is at risk, even if you are with one person. It needs to be destigmatised.”

Speaking at the event,  Mrs. Bawumia said it was time for every Ghanaian to be involved in awareness creation of the condition.

“No Ghanaian should die from this disease. Let us align our efforts using our expertise, voices, persuasive power and knowledge to advance this cause. We can only prevent cervical cancer if we work together,” the Second Lady said.

Deputy Minister of Health Alex Abban who spoke at the forum expressed plans of stretching the fight of cervical cancer beyond January 2020.

The National Cervical Cancer Forum was on the theme: Cervical Cancer Prevention; A Call To Action.

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