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China’s Military Reveals Battle-Ready Robot Dogs Armed with Machine Guns

China Central Television (CCTV) recently showcased a pair of robot dogs, one equipped with a machine gun and the other driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Resembling Boston Dynamics’ ‘Spot’ robo-canine, these digital hounds were revealed earlier this week by the state broadcaster.

The larger robot, weighing 50kg is demonstrated carrying a machine gun and operated remotely by a Chinese soldier, who directs it to advance and fire the weapon. Chen Wei, a Chinese soldier, explained that this robot could serve as a reconnaissance tool in urban combat operations, identifying and striking targets during training.

The lighter model, weighing 15kg, utilizes AI to navigate battlefields autonomously, transmitting information about obstacles and demonstrating capabilities such as jumping and manoeuvring in various directions.

While China’s development of machine-gun-toting robo-dogs aligns with the US military’s exploration of similar concepts, both nations prioritize human control over autonomous weapons to mitigate the risk of unintended consequences and potential escalation of conflicts. Although China has not disclosed whether these robots are ready for frontline deployment, their involvement in joint military exercises with Cambodia suggests active consideration for such scenarios.

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