Death in the frying pan: The case of Joyce Bawah in Salaga

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I have read the article written by one Alidu Seidu, which seeks to attack, unwarrantedly Madam Joyce Bawah Mogtari for doing exactly what many constituencies in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are longing for- supporting the constituency in readiness for the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Campaign.

Off course, for all who know the internal issues of the NDC in Salaga South lately, and the commentary that usually goes around, a careful reading of the article that seeks to prepare Madam Joyce for attack, is nothing but the handiwork of our parliamentary candidate, Zuweira Ibrahima.

As a devoted and long standing member of the NDC in Salaga South, I join the thousands of members and supporters, including the Constituency Chairman and other executives who have been extremely happy with the donation of the double cabin pick-up for the party’s campaign.

How the decision of a daughter of Salaga to support the party becomes a divisive act, is mind boggling, but then again, a careful read shows that the writer, Alidu Seidu, whoever he is, was only out with an agenda- poison the people against Madam Joyce, which is the way our PC has been conducting herself in the constituency.

I have a piece of advice for Hajia Zuwera: you need everybody including the entirety of the Constituency Executives, sons and daughters of Salaga who are NDC, no matter where they are, or who they are.

You are not the first NDC candidate, and we have seen the good and bad of all our other candidates. What you have to do is learn from their failings and improve, not adding your own worse character to their bad ways, and by that make things worse for yourself.

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John Dramani Mahama won the Salaga South Constituency, even though we lost the parliamentary election. Bare that in mind. As you go about always bad mouthing people in your quest to be liked, remember that it is not all who you go saying these things to will keep quiet.

Do not let us also start writing and telling John Mahama and his wife, Mama Lordina, the things you go about saying about them. If for nothing at all, as we have all known, it was that same family that made sure you got your job abroad. But today you repay them with scandalous claims.

In Salaga, we have all known that Madam Joyce is your sister. What will make you want to poison the air against her. Will she be driving or sitting in the vehicle she has given to us? Will it not be used for your campaign, too?

Does the election of a parliamentary candidate mean the constituency executives have no role again? If not, why are you questioning why the Constituency Chairman and Savanna Regional Chairman received a donation for the use of the party, which includes you, Hajia Zuwera?

Please, even if Madam Joyce had any interest, which I doubt because that has never cropped up here in Salaga, of becoming MP, the primaries are over and she cannot be seeking to win any hearts with that donation. So, please stop your agents from the practice of negativity and let’s forge ahead, together, for victory this year.

Off course, if your view is that as PC you should be the only one providing all the support needed, then I guess the Constituency Chairman should kindly hand over the vehicle to Madam Joyce to end all this wahala you are causing.

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I do not know what you mean by Madam Joyce sponsoring a group called ‘Bamuyarda’ so I will not comment on it, but remember that this and other plain untruths you continue to spew may be the beginning of your political downfall, as no one will be willing to come and support the constituency again.

Again, your claims against Madam Joyce and her aunty, Hajia Hawa Doshie, is unfortunate. What will an NPP women’s organizer be doing with NDC branded materials? Does it make sense to you?

I was present when Madam Joyce arrived with assorted items, in the company of another NDC official from Accra, when she met the women’s groups and handed over the items and money to support their campaign.

How petty can we be in damaging our own sister, by the claim that she diverted items- items from who- to her aunty, Hajia Hawa. Is Hajia Hawa not your own aunty too, Hajia Zuwera? Politics and the quest to be bad towards one another should not make us do these things.

If I were not present and joined in the removal of the items from the vehicle that morning, I wouldn’t have commented on this.

I guess it is time for us all to sit at home and watch you and your agents alone do it all in Salaga. But before it all starts, please let the Chairman send the pick-up back to the donor.

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