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Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of Strawberries for Your Body

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Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of Strawberries for Your Body.

Berries are beloved and strawberries are no exception. Not only do strawberries taste amazing, but they’re also full of antioxidants like vitamin C, as well as key nutrients like fiber and folate.

Here are seven major health benefits of strawberries, plus simple ways to add more of the nourishing fruits to your diet.

Full of Antioxidants

Strawberries are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules present in the body and found in plant-based foods that counteract oxidative stress. Oxidative stress happens when there are more free radicals in the body but fewer antioxidants available to remove them. By reducing oxidative stress and tissue damage, antioxidants help reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases over time.

Strawberries contain multiple antioxidants, including anthocyanins (which give the berries their vibrant color) and vitamin C.

Support Immune Health

Just one cup of strawberries provides 100% of your daily vitamin C needs.3

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that supports the cells of the immune system. Research suggests that vitamin C promotes the proliferation of both T- and B-cells.4 T-cells and B-cells are white blood cells that help fight off disease-causing invaders, including viruses, bacteria, and even cancers.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C has also been associated with a lower risk of common health conditions like cataracts and cardiovascular disease.

Bolster Heart Health

The antioxidants found in strawberries support heart health as well. A large epidemiological study reported an inverse relationship between anthocyanin consumption and risk of heart attack among young and middle-aged women.

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The researchers found that women who ate more than three servings of berries weekly had a significantly lower risk of heart attack compared to women who ate the fruits less frequently.

It’s worth noting that observational studies cannot establish causation, and women who consume higher amounts of antioxidant-rich foods, like strawberries, may also be more likely to lead healthier overall lifestyles that reduce their risk of heart attacks.

May Protect Against Cancer

Strawberries’ high antioxidant content may help lower cancer risk. While the exact mechanisms remain unclear, researchers suggest that the fruits’ natural antioxidants can minimize cancer-driven inflammation and inhibit the spread of cancer cells in the body.

Rich in Folate

Strawberries are a good source of folate, also known as vitamin B9. Folate is required for key reactions, including DNA synthesis and the breakdown of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The B vitamin is also critical for healthy neural tube development during early pregnancy, which is why it is one of the most important nutrients in prenatal vitamins.

Naturally occurring vitamin B9 that’s found in foods is called folate, whereas synthetic, or man-made, vitamin B9 (which is the type found in supplements) is called folic acid.

Just one cup of strawberries provides nearly 10% of your daily needs for folate.

Low in Sugar

Strawberries are relatively lower in the natural sugar fructose compared to other fruits. For example, whereas one cup of grapes can contain 23 grams (g) of natural sugar, one cup of strawberries provides about 7 g of natural sugar.

There’s no reason to vilify the natural sugars found in fruit, but if you’re looking to lower your sugar intake due to a medical condition such as insulin resistance, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or type 2 diabetes, choosing lower sugar fruits like berries can be helpful

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