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Drink raw cocoa powder to boost your immune system to fight covid-19

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A chief pharmacist at the Cocoa Clinic in Accra, Edward Amporful, is encouraging the consumption of raw cocoa powder to help boost their immune system and defend their body against the novel coronavirus.

Health experts have said strong immune system is currently the only means of fighting the deadly virus which has no cure.

Speaking to TV3, Mr Amporful indicated that cocoa contains polyphenols, micro-nutrients packed with antioxidants known to boost digestion and brain health, as well as protect against heart disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

He indicated that Ghana’s rich cocoa has what it takes to boost the immune system and help the body to fight the virus.

“Given the nature of the virus itself, it is not the virus that is causing the lung damage, it is the immune system that it immobilizes,” he explained.

“…but cocoa is a product that boost; does not only boost the immune system,  but it also modulates it, it means that it doesn’t make it over work the way it should work and this controls damage caused,” he said.

Mr Amporful said several publications have attested to the efficacy of cocoa in boosting the immune system.

He urged Ghanaians to consider their health and not to allow the bitter taste of raw cocoa to discourage them from consuming the product.

He mentioned  Royale Natural Cocoa Powder from the Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) as cocoa product that can boost the immune system and help fight diseases.

The pharmacist said increase in intake of polyphenols rich cocoa is a sure way of fighting viruses.

“Ghana produces the best quality cocoa in the world. It means that for whatever you find in cocoa being polyphenols, you will find more in Ghana’s cocoa, and whatever quality that will enhance the health benefits of cocoa you find more in the Ghana cocoa.

“So Ghanaians should consume more cocoa, it should be a staple on their table everyday,” he advised.

Managing Director of CPC, Nana Agyenim Boateng,  said the key to fighting the virus is to have a strong immune system.

He said cocoa as an immune booster is factually proven and wished that Ghanaians will continue to consume Cocoa Royale to keep themselves healthy.

He reiterated the fact that cocoa with its anti-oxidant characteristics is the best option to enable Ghanaians fight the virus.

He reminded Ghanaians that most cocoa farmers are strong and healthy even at 80 years because they chew raw cocoa beans when dry and this helps them to stay strong.

For those who find raw cocoa bitter, he said they could add honey or watermelon to it as beverage and drink it.

Meanwhile, the Cocoa Processing Company has presented some cocoa products, rich in polyphenol, to one of the persons who recovered from the coronavirus to help boost his immune system.

It followed a TV3 news report on Fred Drah, a man who tested positive for covid-19 in Ghana but later tested negative and cleared as clinically cured after receiving treatment.

Fred is one of the 99 persons who as of April 18, have recovered from the virus in Ghana.

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