Even during the revolution, NDC would never do this’ – Raymond Archer

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Mr Raymond Archer, the owner of Color Planet Limited, the $10-million printing press which was recently demolished along with 20 other companies within the Trade Fair enclave by the Ghana Trade Fair Company, has said not even the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in its revolutionary days, would do such a thing.

“NDC was in power, and then they left and these guys [Akufo-Addo government] came; I don’t think that they [NDC government] would have done a thing like this”, Mr Archer told Kwabena Bobie Ansah on Accra100.5FM’s Citizen Show on Tuesday, 18 February 2020.

“I mean, even in the revolutionary times when we said things were that bad, they would still even use the court”, he said.

The former Enquirer newspaper editor, who earlier told the media in various interviews that he felt targeted by the government for destruction because of politics, told Bobie Ansah that: “I’ve been apolitical”.

“… To tell you the truth, in the last elections, I didn’t vote. But there is this perception that because of what you do and what you believe in, if you’re not for me, then you’re against me”, he said.

Asked if he thought his days with pro-NDC Radio Gold had anything to do with the demolition of his factory, Mr Archer responded: “I’m 100 per cent sure”.

In his view, “It should be possible for two decent people to think differently and belong differently”, explaining: “If you feel that I don’t belong to you, so be it but I think it is important that we have to agree and accept that two decent people can belong to two different sets or shades of opinion and still remain decent people and not be branded green or whatever”.

Asked if he believes in NDC, Mr Archer said: “Now, I do; yes, I do”.

According to him, “Human beings must belong to where they are valued and respected; don’t force yourself to belong to a place where people fear you, people don’t trust you, people don’t respect you, or even if they do, it’s because they want A or they want B”.

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