Everything you need to know about ZeroPoint foods

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ZeroPoint foods are healthy, easy to have on hand, and 0 SmartPoints® value. That means you can enjoy them without weighing, measuring, or tracking, regardless of which color you’re on. Our studies have found that members can incorporate ZeroPoint foods into everyday eating and still lose weight. In fact, since introducing these foods, members have been more successful!

3 fast facts

  1. A healthy pattern of eating = the right energy intake + the nutrients needed for weight management and good health. ZeroPoint foods form the foundation!
  2. ZeroPoint foods were specifically chosen because World Health Organization and USDA guidelines recommend eating them more frequently.
  3. ZeroPoint foods are tough to overeat. Many have a lower energy density (fewer calories per volume) compared to other foods, which helps fill you up.

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ZeroPoint foods by color

On myWW+, all three colors have different amounts of ZeroPoint foods—and a personalized SmartPoints Budget to balance everything out.

This week’s technique

Pick one or two tips to help you make the most of ZeroPoint foods this week.

  1. Start building your meal with a ZeroPoint base—we love cauliflower rice!—and top it with protein, veggies, and a tasty sauce.
  2. Choose right-for-you-portion sizes, based on what you’d normally eat. (You can always have more if you’re still hungry!)
  3. Going out to dinner on Saturday? Lean on ZeroPoint foods during the week, so you’ll have weeklies and rollovers to spend!
  4. Reach for ZeroPoint foods when you want a snack.
  5. Don’t eat only ZeroPoint foods. Limiting yourself to certain ones is a recipe for boredom.

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