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From Passion to Distinction: Pearl Hanson’s Journey into Ghana’s Distilling Industry

Pearl Naheema Hanson, CEO of AA Foods and Beverages Ghana, is the visionary behind the renowned Sahara Solace beverage. Upon her return to Ghana from the UK in 2016, Pearl, a Chemistry graduate from the University of Manchester, established AA Food and Beverages.

Her entry into the distilling sector stemmed from a fascination with the scientific intricacies of distilled beverages. Leveraging her chemistry expertise, she conducted extensive research, procured necessary equipment, and successfully developed a distinctive drink with 23% alcohol content.

In an interview with Just4WomenAfrica, Pearl discussed her motivation to launch a beverage enterprise in Ghana, driven by her interest in the chemistry of distilled beverages and her entrepreneurial spirit. Despite the competitive herbal drink market in Ghana, Pearl chose to differentiate her product by offering a unique alternative. She acknowledged the challenge of persuading consumers to embrace something new but was confident that Sahara Solace’s distinct flavor would make a lasting impression.

Pearl targets Sahara Solace primarily at women over 18 and middle-income earners. She emphasizes that all manufacturing processes are localized in Ghana, except for bottle production, which is imported due to the absence of local glass manufacturing facilities.

Since its inception in 2021, AA Food and Beverages has garnered significant acclaim. The company received the Beverage Award of the Year in both 2022 and 2023, underscoring Sahara Solace’s quality and appeal.

Balancing professional commitments with family responsibilities poses a common challenge for entrepreneurs, and Pearl is no exception. She attributes her achievements to effective time management and meticulous planning, along with the unwavering support of her family and friends in navigating the demands of business ownership.

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Pearl Naheema Hanson‘s journey exemplifies innovation, determination, and communal support. Her success with AA Food and Beverages Ghana serves as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, showcasing the influence of curiosity and the importance of a robust support network.

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