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Government Aims for $436m Annual Income from Fish Farming by 2028

Government Aims for $436m Annual Income from Fish Farming by 2028

Government has reiterated its plan to improve the aquaculture industry. According to Deputy Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Musah Abdul Aziz Ayaba, government is working to increase the annual income from farmed fish from $186 million to $436 million by 2028 under the Ghana National Aquaculture Development Plan.

Speaking at the Aquaculture Event 2024, Mr. Aziz Ayaba outlined a 4-year plan by the ministry to revolutionise the industry.

“The ministry has prioritized the implementation of this plan to achieve the following; an increase in the commercial output of farmed fish from about 88,000MT in 2021 to 216,000MT 2028, increase the market share of commercially farmed fished from 14% in 2020 to 30% in 2028 and the value of farmed fish output from $186 million in 2020 to $436 million by 2028,” he stated.

FAO Regional Fisheries officer, Dr. Gueye Ndiaga, outlined some challenges in the sector and how they can be addressed.

“African governments like Ghana have been increasing financial commitment to aquaculture and seeking private sector investments, adaptation of new technologies in the sector is essential. Partnership and collaboration have already paved the way for the current status of aquaculture in our countries but we need more of these collaborations to enhance skills and ensure current aquaculture growth in our continent,” he outlined.

The Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana and its partners organised the second edition of the Aquaculture Event. The 2-day event comprises a Conference, Exhibition, and Awards. Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Aquaculture, Jacob Adzikah highlighted the goal of the Aquaculture Event.

“The event’s goal is to provide a platform for aquaculture stakeholders to network, showcase innovations, promote Ghana’s aquaculture industry, educate stakeholders on modern industry trends and major government interventions to develop and grow the industry,” he said.

The theme for the event is “Stakeholder Collaborations: A Key to Building a Resilient Aquaculture Industry”.

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