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Green Ghana Initiative Flourishes: Forestry Commission Reports Over 80% Success in Tree Planting

Green Ghana Initiative Flourishes: Forestry Commission Reports Over 80% Success in Tree Planting

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The Forestry Commission has reported that the majority of trees planted in the Bono Region under the Green Ghana initiative over the last three years are flourishing.

This came to light when a team from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) visited the Sunyani Forest District.

The team from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) was led on the tour by the Sunyani Forest District Manager, Francis Brobbey.

They visited the tree nurseries at the Sunyani Forestry District office and the Atronie, where tree species like Ofram, Teak, and Mango, among others, have been nursed.

The team was also at Amama Forest Reserve Compartment 28, which is a 45-minute drive from Atronie. Arriving after traversing some treacherous roads, the sight of the flourishing 200 hectares of Ceiba and Cedrella trees brightened the spirits of all.

Speaking to Asaase News, the Sunyani forest district manager, Francis Brobbey, urged Ghanaians to embrace tree planting as it has tremendous economic, social, and environmental benefits.

“We planted these trees in 2021 and I must say that in Ghana, we have a great potential to renovate, regenerate, and reforest our degraded areas. Here in Amama Forest Reserve, we’ve planted Ceiba and Cedrella and they are doing wonderfully well.”

“About 80% of trees planted in 2021 are doing well, so if we all embrace tree planting, we have the potential to obtain economic, social and environmental benefits. So we call on all Ghanaians to embrace Green Ghana, Brobbey said”.

The Bono Region is expected to plant 750, 000 seedlings out of the 10 million Ghana targets to be planted this year.

Tree seedlings expected to be planted include; Royal Palm, Cashew, Orange, Mango, Gmelina, Mahogany, Cedrella, and Catalpa, among others.

The Bono regional manager of the Forestry Commission, Augustine Gyedu, said all is set for the Green Ghana Day in the Bono Region, as the region is expected to plant about 750,000 seedlings.

“As we speak now, our preparations show that we are ever ready for Green Ghana Day come Friday, 7 June 2024. So far, the Regional office and district offices (Sunyani and Dormaa District) have been able to raise over 554,000 seedlings out of the 750,000 seedlings.

So we have a deficit of about 200,000 and we are sure to raise enough seedlings to cover up the deficit. So Bono Region is very ready for Green Ghana Day, said Gyedu”.

This year’s edition of Green Ghana Day is on 7 June 2024, and is themed “Growing for a Greener Tomorrow”.

Since its inception in 2021, the Green Ghana Day initiative, according to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, has seen remarkable success, with 42 million trees planted across the country.

The target for this year is 10 million trees, with six million to be planted in forest reserves and four million out of reserves.

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