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According to NOAA’s own historical data, of the 50 U.S. state all-time record high temperatures, 23 were set during the 1930s, while 36 occurred prior to 1960 — climate change proponents are feeding us a fairy taleand I’m sick of it…

The maniacal sociopaths of the world may have won control of the narrative, but they seemingly have little sway over the will of the people. You need only browse the comment section below any “climate change” article or social media post to see the wave of folks resoundingly rejecting the scam-of-a-world-view assembled before them (one of the few positives of SM).

The man-made global warming rejection is likely down to two things: the first being that the so called “scientific consensus” has been failing for far too long — you can’t start warning people in the 1980s that we have 10 years left to save the planet, only to keep repeating that prophecy for the next 4 decades. This is probably the reason our youth have become the new target — kids don’t have this history of failure to draw-upon when browsing the bullet points of the latest IPCC report -for example- meaning they’re far easier to manipulate.

The second reason is likely the availability of climate information these days–namely historical data. Thanks to the internet, researching past climate catastrophes and comparing them to what’s happening today is a simple task. I’m talking about raw historical data, such as the number of deaths caused by a certain natural disaster, or the year and decade of the highest U.S. state temperature records:

The raw data ALWAYS speaks for itself — out of the 50 U.S. state record high temperatures, 23 were set during the 1930s, while 36 occurred prior to 1960. But the powers that be have constructed a rather tenacious, loud, and bullish narrative–as on top of the world burning to a crisp, the story also warns that droughts and floods are becoming more extreme.

Comfortably crushing that assertion, however, is another NOAA nugget named the Palmer Drought Index — a century+ dataset plotting the portion of the continental U.S. that is either very wet or very dry.

What the index reveals is that there is no significant trend of increasing drought or flood:

us continental wet dry

An uptick in hurricanes is another li(n)e we’re fed, it’s actually listed as one of the main results of human-caused global warming. But again, there is no dataset out there that supports either an increase or an intensification of severe storms. In fact, quite the opposite is true, with 9 of the 13 strongest hurricanes to make U.S. landfall occurring prior to 1965. NOAA data shows both the number of hurricanes and the number of “strong” hurricanes making U.S. landfall declining since 1900.

us hurricane landfalls

NOAA data also reveals that the number of strong tornadoes has been declining since the 1970s.

When folks are permitted to look at climate data prior to 1980, natural cycles ALWAYS reveal themselves. There are ups & there are downs, and there are ups & downs within the ups & downs — and not a single scientist on the planet fully understands the mechanisms involved, no matter what you’re told.

Saying that, however, sensible and tested “guesswork” is the basis of science. Recognizing the climate works in cycles means certain things can be predicted — the Grand Solar Minimum is one such cycle.

Warmth is good for life on Earth, for biodiversity — the peaks of past human civilizations have ALWAYS coincided with Grand Solar Maximums (Minoans & Romans, for example), while their downfalls have ALWAYS been marked by Minimums and the coinciding temperature drops low solar activity brings.

We humans should only ever be concerned with the COLD. If only man-made global warming was real… but as with ALL OTHER fairy tales to have ever done the rounds, these fabricated worries are put in place to control you, to have you lose sleep over something you can’t quite understand, and to have you pay, in one way or another, for your sins…

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