I was only a shoe maker, sometimes, I think all these things happening to me is a dream” – CEO of Peace FM & UTV Kwame Despite

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“i played many Shows for Many Show Organizers and they always Paid me with T-Shirts and Toffees, I nearly stopped Rapping” #Sarkodie”

My Mum was a Pito Seller But That Didn’t stop me From Achieving my Dreams” – #Samini”

I had a car accident, I lost my twin Brother and I nearly Lost one of my Legs But still I Chase my Dreams” -#StonebwoyBurniton”

My Parents Abandoned and Rejected Me, bcuz I chose to be a singer” – #ShattaWale”

My First time on “Key Soap Concert Party Audition” They Rejected Me” #AgyaKoo”

I Even went to Work With Someone As a Car Repairer (rip33la) But He Later Sacked Me, Bcuz I Fool too much” – #Kwaku Manu

“I went To TV3 Mentor Audition, But They Rejected Me” – #Becca”
I was Once an Armed Robber” – #Archbishop Duncan Williams”

I was Only A Shoe Maker, Sometimes, I think All these things happening to me is a Dream” – CEO Of Peace FM & UTV #KwameDespite”

I was not interested in School Bcuz my Mates and Teachers Always called me ‘GYIMI’”- #KojoNkansahLilWin.”

My First Coach Once Told Me, You can’t be a Player, its better to Be a Ball Boy for my team or just try to be a Musician’ I felt very Bad that very Moment” -#AsamoahGyan

“in London I was a Taxi Driver, in America I was a Plate Washer, I nearly Kill my dream to be A Street Sweeper” – #KennedyAgyapong

“I told my School Mates I’ll be a President, they Started Using that to tease Me, ‘mr.President! Mr.President’” – Ex. Prez.#JAKuffour

All these People Passed through a lot to become what they are today. No Matter the Situation you find yourself, You Can Still Make it with Hardwork, Determination, perseverance and prayers, GOD will always make a way. Cheer up!

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