IKEA thinks building its furniture is as easy as pie — or, gingerbread…

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The pandemic has sparked new interest in home improvement, but IKEA has another kind of building project in mind for the holidays.

The Swedish retailer released free, downloadable Gingerbread Höme assembly kits to recreate some of their iconic designs out of gingerbread.

The printable kits look just like traditional IKEA furniture instruction manuals, except gingerbread and icing replace plywood and Allen wrenches.


There are six different pieces to choose from, including the Billy bookcase, a Jokkmokk dining table and chairs, a Lack table and a Strandmon armchair.

The instructions are printed in the distinct, simple IKEA style that might trigger some memories from building your first Malm bed. They include all the usuals: an inventory of parts and tools, step-by-step instructions for assembly, and of course a cartoon man who can only seem to speak in images.

Templates can be printed, cut out and traced onto freshly rolled out gingerbread dough.


And if you want to build an IKEA-inspired gingerbread house year after year, the retailer has also included downloadable 3D printing files to make your own cookie cutters.

Once baked, the gingerbread pieces can be assembled in a few steps, with the help of icing or warm sugar.

“In true IKEA fashion, each furniture cookie is designed to be easy to assemble, giving everyone an opportunity to get in on the festive fun,” the company said.

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