I’ll rescue New Juaben South from incompetence and selfishness – Okyere Baafi promises

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Mr Michael Okyere Baafi who is seeking to represent the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) as its parliamentary candidate in the New Juaben South Constituency has stated that the reason why he is putting himself out for possible election is to rescue the people of the constituency from ” incompetence and selfishness.”

Speaking of successfully filing his nomination forms on Thursday February 20, 2020, Mr Baafi noted that there was dissatisfaction at the grassroots because of the needs of party people at the grassroots are not being catered for.

“The essence of this work is to achieve one objective to rescue the New Juaben South from incompetence and selfishness. That’s all that we are doing,” he declared after submitting his nomination forms

For the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Free Zones Authority (FZA), the incumbent NPP MP Dr Mark Assibey-Yeboah has not lived up to expectation and must be replaced by some who will make party people “happy” and “energized”, insisting that the NPP must win the 2020 election at all cost and so that party needs a “candidate who is so competent, who will stand the test of time.”

In 2016, Mr Michael Okyere Baafi challenged Dr Assibey Yeboah fiercely but Dr Assibey won in the end.

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