Joy Prime Explore: Princess Town’s Ehunle Lagoon; here are the dos and don’ts

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In the latest edition of Joy Prime Explore, a travel show on Joy Prime, the team took a tour of Princess Town in the Western Region.

Tucked 54.2 km away from Takoradi, the Regional capital. Princess Town does not only have a touch of European history, but it also holds some traditional values that seem lost in the big cities.

The fresh air and the chirps of birds that greet you at the entrance of the small community tell you; indeed, you have arrived at a serene venue to connect with nature and refuel for tasks ahead.

The small but serene community hosts a lagoon, known as Ehunle [ε-ho-lε] meaning, the Black Lagoon.

Despite its name, the crystal clear water in the forest does not only have an interesting story to how it came to be but also the customary rites that have kept the water in its undisturbed state for centuries now.

JoyNews’ Kojo Yankson, as part of his tour in the village, spoke to the Fetish Priestess of the Ehunle Lagoon god, Nana Ehunle.


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