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Linda Ikeji Blog Deleted! How to Avoid the BIG Mistake

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Did you know the popular celebrity blog LindaIkeji.blogspot.com was recently shut down for a few days by Google on grounds of plagiarism.

As one entrepreneur to another I did feel for her to see her source of income go berserk with just a click of a button, all the same so glad that she got it all figured out and came back within a short time.

That goes without saying that there are lessons to learn from this mistake and as an online business coach I want to help you see this and ensure you’re getting your blog, online presence set up the right way to avoid instances like that.

We would look at the biggest mistake you could make when building your online presence.
What it could cost you and how to rightly position your business for long term success online.

What is this BIG mistake. I see a lot of people fall into this one.

Building your presence on a borrowed domain and hosting.

What is a borrowed domain and host?

These are the common blogspot.comwordpress.comweebly.com etc….

when you have a website on any of these platforms you would have something like this using the Linda Ikeji’s example: www.LindaIkeji.blogspot.com
Same goes with wordpress.com (Not the dot org software) and weebly.com too

When you host your site on any of these free platforms, the content is at the mercy of the company. Whatever happens to the company or site, you have no power to control.
Just like it happened with Linda Ikeji, it could be deleted in one second. It’s entirely out of your hands.

What Is the disadvantage of this:

  • You lose your audience, these are readers of your blog and traffic to your site.
  • Lead generating opportunities. Opportunities to attract followers and clients.
  • You will lose advertisers
  • You may end up in debt due to extended contracts and agreement in fulfilling your advertising tenure or period.
  • You will also lose SEO benefits. (SEO means search engine optimization, this is the possibility for showing up in search results)
  • You could lose your entire income and business revenue.

What should you rather do?

Never, never build your blog on free sites.

Building a blog or site should be on a domain you own. For example, a domain I own would be www.illohifeoma.com rather than www.illohifeoma/blogspot.com

Some of the advantage of this is;

  • It’s all within your control
  • It’s professional
  • You have the ability to customize and brand your business right.
  • You promote entirely your own brand and not someone’s else.
  • You don’t have to fear a shut down, a fold up or whatever negative occurrence that could happen to the blog company.

Why do people opt for the free sites?

  • To save cost!

I’ve heard a few reasons why most people choose to start out using a free site and the most emphasized one is the cost of owning your own domain and running it on your own hosting plan.

As much as it would certainly cost you to buy your own domain and host your blog or site completely that cost cannot be compared to what you lose when you don’t.

If you’re in business seriously, that is just an investment you got to make.
After all, I haven’t seen anyone propose or support the idea of borrowing a phone for business. To make sure your communication line is intact, you go out there and make a phone purchase to help you facilitate better business networking. Or isn’t that the case?

Your website and blog is also a communication channel.
Do what’s right the first time. That’s the definition of excellence.

For deeper insights into how you can attract more customers with your website
Visit www.marketingkisspr.com now.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding how not to fall victim of using free websites like Linda Ikeji recently, share them in the comments below.




Source: Ifeoma Illoh | Linkedin.com

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