Man causes a stir as he is seen selling live crocodile in traffic

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On Tuesday, December 22, passersby could not believe their eyes when they saw a man moving from one car to the other in a traffic jam at the G.R.A Phase 2 area of Nigeria’s Rivers state capital, Port Harcourt with a huge live crocodile on his shoulders.

He was seen advertising it to road users especially those driving posh cars, ostensibly to get good money.

 Man causes a stir as he is seen selling live crocodile in traffic

The crocodile was so huge that it got the attention of passers-by who could not resist stopping to catch a proper glance at the reptile.

Photos of the crocodile hawker went viral online with netizens wondering where the man was able to get a live crocodile in Port Harcourt.

Man causes a stir as he is seen selling live crocodile in traffic
Man causes a stir as he is seen selling live crocodile in traffic

What remains unclear is whether he was able to sell the crocodile and for how much.

In other news, a hilarious video shows the moment two ladies struggled with their long artificial nails in an attempt to eat.

The ladies could be seen in the video seated at a table with separate bowls of light soup containing mouthwatering tilapia in one of them while the other contains what looks like meat.

While on a normal day, they would have torn the fish and the meat apart in a couple of seconds, they could not do the same due to the long nails.

The video has been making the rounds online and attracting reactions.

Wearing long artificial nails has become a fashion among some latter-day ladies and some of them overdo it to the extent that they can hardly do anything with their hands.

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