Market fires: Otokunor’s driver released, no charges preferred against him

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The Deputy General Secretary of the opposition NDC, Peter Boamah Otokunor has disclosed that his driver, Eric Adoglah who was arrested by some armed personnel of the National Investigations Bureau (NIB) over claims that he is involved in recent market fires has been released.

There were no charges preferred against him following his arrest on Monday, Otokunor told EIB Network parliamentary correspondent, Ibrahim Alhassan.

He argues that this was just an attempt to disrupt the momentum of the NDC’s street protests nationwide insisting the NPP’s accusation won’t wash.

“The people we’re fighting for are those who are selling on the market. We’ll not do anything that will hurt them. So anything that has been said by the NPP should be treated with the contempt that it deserves,” he said.

He served notice that from now to December 10, 2021, the NDC will intensify its protests in the nooks and cranny of the country.

“The subversion of the will of Nkrumah’s Ghana would be reversed. We shall use every legitimate means and we shall protest and protest and protest. We have notified them; we’ve given them a working notification that from 20th to 10th of January we’re in permanent protests and they should watch out for us anywhere. We can gather anywhere and we can express our disquiet in any form but we will do it very peacefully.”

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