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SANDRA DON ARTHUR is one of the most sought after make-up persons in Ghana. She has carved a niche for herself and the testimonies are seen physically with what she has and is still doing. She has used her hands and her make-up kits to tell positive stories and this time, we caught up with her to help tell the world her own story in this interview. The Ghanaian-Russian damsel didn’t hesitate to hint us on her new project coming soon.


Sandra Don Arthur has worked on many faces, worked with the stars; so tell us briefly who you are?

It is a kind of, a one sentence. I am a warm hearted, very humble, fun loving person and I love what I do. I was brought up here, in Ghana by my Ghanaian family. My mum is from Moscow Russia. And my dad is a Ghanaian. I wanted to be a pilot and I did a couple of flying hours. I was flying smaller planes. That was the passion of mine when I was a teenager. I have a strong believe in God and His ability to change everything and every situation.

You have worked with most of the stars. What keeps you going and do you feel fulfilled?

Yes I am. I am much fulfilled and I think as my brand grows globally and internationally, the fulfillment grows. What keeps me going is the passion for what I do, I think in every profession, when you have the real passion for it no matter the circumstances, and it just keeps you going.

You have worked with iFactory, what has been your experience so far?

It is a world class team. It is the best of Africa. In terms of experience, we keep growing into new ones. iFactory is a team of great talents so with what I have experienced so far, is just beautiful.

Where you trained to be a make-up person or it is a gift?

If you have a gift, you need to develop it. I have been trained. I did my training in UK at a make-up collage called The LINK.

How does it feel to work with the celebrities?

It is interesting because you get to spend a lot of time with them when they are themselves.

You are the host of a programme coming up, ‘Make-Up Daries’, tell us about it

‘Make-Up Daries’ is an iFactory production, a best of Africa’s production. It is a fun and entertaining way of taking a viewer behind the scenes and it is sentenced around make-up and stars getting ready .so the viewers get to see the fun in a lovely way.

Tell us about your challenging moment

The one that comes to mind to be honest is when I had a birth still. I think, to every woman that is the breaking point because the joy of every woman is to be able to create a life.

Where do you see yourself in some few years to come?

I expect myself to be known internationally and globally. Not just me but my brand as well. My brand goes before me.

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