My Life Is In Danger In Ghana – Nana Adwoa Tells Her Story

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Various surveys by civil society groups and think tanks that place Ghana Police and the Judicial Services among the first three most corrupt institutions in Ghana to many Ghanaians, is a mere perception until they encounter these state institutions.

A Ghanaian woman who had lived in the diaspora since 1977 is currently taking her bitter dose of the anti-justice credentials of the two institutions.

Nana Adwoa Ackom-Mensah who returned to Ghana after decades of domiciled in Switzerland says she lives in high insecurity due to the indifferent attitude of Ghana Police when she was brutalised and duly reported the case to them.

The 61 year-old was assaulted by the security guards and general manager of his brother’s restaurant over a landing property belonging to their late mother which the brother is laying claim to.

The defenceless woman has since 2010 been struggling to obtain justice concerning the property which she alleges her brother has connived with outsiders to forge the signature of their late mother, Hannah Basimah Ackom-Mensah claiming ownership of.

According to her, she reported the case to the Police but they refused to arrest the perpetrators who are walking around her residence, threatening her life.

The frustrated woman says several months after the assault, the investigator is only best at sending text messages indicating their intent to arrest the culprits.

That has since not been done only for twelve armed policemen with AK-47 rifles to besiege her residence twice to arrest her, with claims that she was obstructing the public peace to her uttermost surprise.

The vulnerable middle-aged woman tells Ghanaian Voice that she fears for her life as she goes out or comes in with her molesters around monitoring her movements.

Nana Adwoa Ackom-Mensah who feels mishandled by the police says she has taken the fraudulent aspect of the case to the British police to determine due to her mistrust in the Ghanaian Police.

The sexagenarian seems frustrated by the unnecessary delay of the case, attributing it to a possible attempt to influence judgement as a result of which the case has been in court since 2010 without pronouncing judgement.

Nana Adwoa Ackom-Mensah however believes justice will eventually prevail but not without a fight which must not be the case, in the face of the open secrete that women do not win land cases against men in Ghana.

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