New W/R Police Commander diagnoses cause of kidnappings

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The new Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Felix Fosu-Agyeman, has attributed the numerous cases of missing children and its associated kidnapping cases in the region to unresolved misunderstandings between parents and these children.

According to him, most of the missing cases reported are as a result of broken homes, which often push children away.

DCOP Fosu-Agyeman is therefore appealing to parents to relate well with their children.

“I have realized that most missing cases reported is as a result of unresolved misunderstanding  among parents which often push children away from homes,” he stated.

DCOP Fosu-Agyeman, who was speaking during an official engagement with the media in Sekondi, said security should be a shared responsibility between the police and the public and urged the public to volunteer credible information for follow-ups.

He further entreated the public to be alert, watchful and vigilant to avoid victimization from miscreants in the society.

He said miscreants often studied the behaviour and social lives of individuals before attacking them and advised individuals to be security conscious.

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