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Revolut brings business management features to its retail app with Revolut Pro

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Today Revolut is launching Revolut Pro, a set of business tools and a dedicated business banking account aimed at freelancers and the self-employed, all from within its regular retail app.

The move blurs the line between Revolut’s consumer app (used by some 20m users) and its more advanced Revolut Business app (used by over 500,000 businesses and self-employed workers).

As well as a free business banking account, Revolut Pro includes a dedicated IBAN and a 1 per cent cashback debit card, letting freelancers easily segment their work income without the need for a separate app.

The fintech says those with “advanced needs” can still use Revolut Business, which has free, professional (£7/month) and ultimate (£25/month) tiers with higher levels of payments, card processing and account management features available.

“The explosive increase in gig workers, artists, bloggers, and the like alongside more traditional individual professions including private teachers, home service providers and fair vendors has driven demand for better ways for those working on their own projects, be it full time or part time, to manage income and expenses,” said Maria Marti Garcia, the product owner of Revolut Pro.

Initially, Revolut Pro will be made available in the UK and seven other European countries, with plans to roll it out to more EEA markets soon.

Revolut Pro also ties in with the recent launch of Revolut Reader, the fintech’s in-person card terminal that competes against the likes of Zettle and SumUp.

Customers can sign up to Revolut Pro in just two minutes and start using Revolut Reader, without having to go through the process of applying to join the more advanced Revolut Business.

Ultimately Revolut Pro appears to be a new stepping stone placed between Revolut’s consumer and business products, hopefully paving the way for more of the fintech’s freelance and gig worker users to eventually move across to its dedicated Revolut Business offering.

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