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Ghana Schengen Visa Refusal Rates and the Significant Visa Refusal Cost of 1,872,000 EUR in 2023

Ghana Schengen Embassies in Ghana: Visa Refusal Rates and the Significant Visa Refusal Cost of 1,872,000 EUR in 2023

The latest Schengen visa statistics for 2023, released by the European Commission, reveal significant disparities in the visa refusal rates among various Schengen embassies in Ghana. With a total of 45,421 Schengen visa applications submitted by Ghanaians last year, the overall refusal rate stands at a striking 47.5%.

The data shows that out of the total applications, only 23,400 visas were issued, including 9,558 multiple-entry visas. Furthermore, 22 long-term visas were granted, indicating a highly selective process for long-duration stays in Schengen countries.

Embassy-Specific Refusal Rates

Czech Republic
Visas Applied: 772
Visas Issued: 329
Visas Refused: 443
Refusal Rate: 57.4%

Visas Applied: 3,091
Visas Issued: 1,333
Visas Refused: 1,659
Refusal Rate: 55.4%

Visas Applied: 4,659
Visas Issued: 3,165
Visas Refused: 1,294
Refusal Rate: 29%

Visas Applied: 7,893
Visas Issued: 5,321
Visas Refused: 2,534
Refusal Rate: 32.2%

Visas Applied: 1,415
Visas Issued: 812
Visas Refused: 603
Refusal Rate: 42.6%

Visas Applied: 2,208
Visas Issued: 1,230
Visas Refused: 978
Refusal Rate: 44.3%

Visas Applied: 847
Visas Issued: 289
Visas Refused: 531
Refusal Rate: 64.8%

Visas Applied: 14,858
Visas Issued: 5,589
Visas Refused: 8,981
Refusal Rate: 61.6%

Visas Applied: 5,330
Visas Issued: 2,876
Visas Refused: 2,313
Refusal Rate: 44.5%

Visas Applied: 4,348
Visas Issued: 2,456
Visas Refused: 1,890
Refusal Rate: 43.5%

Insights and Implications

The statistics highlight significant variances in refusal rates among the embassies. Malta, with a refusal rate of 64.8%, and the Netherlands, with 61.6%, stand out as having the highest rates of refusal. On the other hand, France and Germany, with refusal rates of 29% and 32.2% respectively, are more lenient compared to other Schengen countries represented in Ghana.

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These figures reflect broader challenges faced by Ghanaians in securing travel visas to Europe, emphasizing the need for prospective travelers to be well-prepared and fully aware of the stringent requirements set by each embassy.

Given the high refusal rates, many Ghanaians experience significant financial losses due to the non-refundable nature of the visa application fee. With each application costing 80 EUR (now 90 EUR), the total expenditure on Schengen visa applications amounted to 3,633,680 EUR in 2023. The cost of refusals alone was 1,872,000 EUR, a substantial burden on Ghanaian applicants.

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