Selling polythene bags as a child shaped my life – Okyeame Kwame

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Ghanaian highlife musician Okyeame Kwame, popularly called the ‘Rap Doctor’ has disclosed that selling plastic bags during his childhood shaped his life to become a successful person in society.

He recalled that he struggled to make ends meet by selling the plastic bags as well as shining his neighbours’ shoes.

According to him, he acquired the skill of writing hit songs from the streets, adding that though his father was an accountant, he fended for himself.

Speaking with young artistes at a music seminar in Accra, Okyeame Kwame said: “I grew up in the ‘efikesem’ (big house) type of setting where we had like 150 people in one big house built by some old cocoa farmer that has one toilet and bath. I lived there and sold rubber bags when I was five years old, I made my own shoeshine box, and on vacation, I would go through the neighbourhood and shine shoes for coins.

“I didn’t know that this thing that I thought was disturbing me, was destroying my swag, was the thing that was going to give me the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Inside that house, I saw many things and all the things I experienced; little did I know I was building my library to become an artiste. I have had much knowledge working in the streets from zero, such that, whenever I must write a song, to touch the heart of hustlers, I always know what to say”.

The ‘Faithful’ hitmaker admonished young artistes not to be perturbed by their present situation but forge ahead to achieve their dreams.

“Appreciate today that wherever you find yourself, whether you are in a mansion or you are in efikesim or you are sleeping in the market, that is the exact opportunity that God is giving you so that one day when you develop, you’ll bring that knowledge to bear,” Okyeame Kwame advised.

Touching on his secret to success, Okyeame Kwame said: “Respecting others opens doors in so many ways, and I have benefitted a lot from it. Individuals and corporate bodies are always willing to support you because of how respectful you are”.

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