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Shortage of ‘bentua’ hits Accra Central Market

Shortage of ‘bentua’ hits Accra Central Market.

For the past three months, the Accra Central Market has faced a shortage of enema bulb syringes, locally known as “bentua,” leaving many vendors empty-handed.

This disruption in supply was brought to light during a week-long interaction between The Mirror and some traders in the product. Vendors from various parts of the country, who frequent the market to purchase the “bentua” on a wholesale basis, have repeatedly had to return home without the product.

According to the vendors, a Kumasi-based licensed importer, who has monopolised the importation of the “bentua”, is at the heart of the shortage issue. A vendor at UTC in Accra, who gave her name as Georgina, explained that the wholesaler supplied most of the stock in Kumasi and some West African countries including Cote d’Ivoire. “So by the time she supplies Accra, ‘na aka ketewa bi (it’s left with a small quantity).”

The exclusive import arrangement has left many vendors and their customers in a difficult position. “Frequent complaints and agitation from prospective customers have been overwhelming,” one of the vendors told The Mirror.

Some users replace the tube of syringes with a ball pen container

These customers are eager to obtain the “bentua” so they can distribute them to various destinations. At the Central Market in Accra, some vendors were observed abandoning their wares in hopes of being timely in getting the “bentua” from their distributors.

Amid this chaos, confusion arose when some vendors mistook this reporter for an importer who had come to improve their supply woes. A vendor at Kingsway, Maame Bee, expressed her frustration, stating, “If the woman in Kumasi does not supply the Accra Central market, nobody else seems to have the right to import into the country.

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She imports them from China.” Another vendor who sold in front of the Universal Merchant Bank at the Okaishie market Naa Tsotsòo, shared similar concerns. 

Source : Graphiconline

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