Some law lecturers not fit to teach – Nii Arday Clegg

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Some law lecturers in Ghana’s law schools are not competent enough to be teaching, Private Legal Practitioner Nii Arday Clegg has said.

Commenting on the claim by the former Chief Justice allowing many entries at the School of law compromise quality, the former broadcaster said: “I don’t think that the number of people who become lawyers is necessarily a way of determining the quality of the people who come out. If we have more qualified people teaching. Because I know some people who teach, who should not be teaching.”

“I didn’t want to mention names, but as for the University of Ghana, you can be sure that there will always be a certain minimum quality. I don’t know about GIMPA, but I know some people who teach there who are fantastic. I can’t say same for some other places, so I can’t say much about them. KNUST is also of high quality,” he told Bola Ray on Starr Chat.

He added: “I know people I’ve met who say I teach at this or that school. I don’t want to seem to be berating any school so I won’t mention names.  If you are in school with people you know about people who you know are not really top and they are supposed to be teaching other people, it gives you a problem. I know some people who teach, who should not be teaching.”

“I see schools in newspapers advertising for vacancy for both students and lecturers. Sometimes I look at the qualification required to get into a law program, it’s not right.  It’s so relaxed that almost any tom dick and harry can walk into that class and study. It gets me worried because law requires a certain level of competence because it’s a course which is extremely voluminous,” he added.

Meanwhile, Arday Clegg is also of the view that practising lawyers in the country must be allowed to advertise their services.

In his opinion, professional advertising should be approved and regulated as the advertising of alcoholic beverages is also being regulated.

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