Textile workers protest over delay in tax stamp implementation

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The coalition of textile workers is protesting against the undue delay in implementation of the tax stamp policy for the textile industry.

Government had planned to roll out the policy in January last year but it is yet to see the light of day after months of suspension.

It subsequently agreed on a road map for the implementation of the policy to prevent tax evasion at the ports and also check the dumping of fake and pirated products on the local market.

Speaking to Starr Business, Secretary to the coalition of textile workers John Ackon lauded government for the VAT initiative but is unhappy about the delay in the implementation of the tax stamp policy.

He said “we ae yet to get to a conclusion on that. I hear there is some contract the company that is printing the tax stamp must sign with the manufacturers which I don’t know how far they have gone with that. We are still waiting for that because we know that is the major thing that we are pushing. That if we can have the tax stamp on the fabric then it will be easier for us to trace the fake ones from the original. As we speak that hasn’t been done.”

According to Mr Ackon the importers of textiles may be exploring ways to outwit the government as a result of the delay.

He said “It’s really a matter of concern to us because as we keep delaying in this kind of thing  whiles the importers, those who smuggle the goods into the country are aware that something like that is coming they will certainly find ways to bring more into the system. Because they know when the tax stamp comes it will be difficult because this time if you are going to import something you need to bring your designs for a vetting committee to vet the designs before you can bring them and then without the stamp you will be arrested.”

“So around this time, they will bring in more and it will affect our local manufacturers,” he insisted.

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