We need media support to clinch Miss World title from Jamaica – Inna Patty

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CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana Inna Patty, organizers of pageantry Miss Ghana, has called on the media’s full support by creating the necessary buzz to clinch the Miss World title from Miss Jamaica this year.

According to her, the media hype for patrons to vote for Miss Ghana at the world level is usually low, hence the inability to clinch the title, even though Ghana can boast of beautiful and intelligent contestants over the years.

She said “we have ladies who can take the title or clinch the miss world title from Miss Jamaica. Are you saying we don’t have ladies good enough to do that? Of course we do. Please join the Miss Ghana wagon and let’s together make our shared vision and interests’ a reality for the benefit of mother Ghana.”

Ms Patty made this call in a media interview on the sidelines of the launch of Miss Ghana 2020, the 63rd edition, in Accra Wednesday.

She also enlisted another problem the pageantry faces, as sponsorship from corporate organisations.

She pleaded “we need support, to be honest with you.  First and foremost one of these key areas is financial and to be able to put the ladies together, package ad prepare them well enough to represent Ghana on the international scene takes a lot of financing. Most often than not we are always managing, so we are hoping corporate Ghana will chip in and support us to success.”

She indicated “secondly, most importantly, has to do with media support. We keep pushing and pleading that we vote. But we know our voices can only be heard up to a certain point. But we need you guys the media to channel it.”

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She further reiterated and reaffirmed that the Miss Ghana brand welcomes young ladies from the diaspora. “Our doors are open and we look forward to seeing you. Seems the year of return fever has further increased the interest. You are all warmly welcomed, she said.

Audition & Voting

Inna announced “this year, the voting concept continues with a slight modification. Voting shall constitute 40% of the qualifying criteria to selecting the eventual sixteen (16) contestants and final winner of Miss Ghana 2020 Competition. Voting ends at 22:00 pm on night of the grand finale.”

“Kindly note there shall be only one audition in the Greater Accra Region on 29th February 2020 here at this beautiful and welcoming Tang Place Hotel. Miss Ghana 2020 grand finale shall be held by the end of April 2020,” she noted.

She ended “we are happy to formally announce that beginning this year; Miss Ghana grand finale events will be held at the National Theatre, right home, where it has always belonged.”

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