Africa’s Own Car Maker in the Heart of Ghana

Kantanka Automobile, Ghana's indigenous automobile manufacturer, was established in 1994 by Kwadwo Safo Kantanka

Kantanka has been making automobiles with 75% locally manufactured components, including engines, since 1998 and claims to develop its own cars

Local Manufacturing Capability

Despite claims that they develop their own cars, The company's models appear to be lightly-restyled versions of cars from lesser-known Chinese car makers.

Rebadged Models

Kantanka is exploring electric vehicles like the Amoanimah EV, which uses battery clusters but lacks modern lithium-ion technology.

Venturing into Electric Vehicles

 The Amoanimah EV

The firm has presented a solar-powered electric car concept, implying eco-friendly measures, however it's unclear if this model entered production

Solar-Powered Concept

Kantanka's future prospects include expanding beyond traditional models with innovative concepts like the Akofena, a premium sports automobile.

Future Prospects

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